Apartment in Alps

An excellent place for morning coffee and book.

Next Works In Progress
Hotel in forest 80%

Extraordinary kitchen

Inspired by photo from Pinterest.

Divano chair

Material and lighting test on freely accessible 3D model.

Bedroom in attic

Late night interior scene of cozy sleeping room (inspiration: Pinterest)

Ford Mustang 2015

Brightening up of a freely accessible 3D model of Ford Mustang 2015.

Wooden panel

Test scene of extraordinary wooden decoration panel.

Dry branch covered by moss

Another example of a nature test scene.

Couch under window

A cosy combination of rustic farmhouse and modern art of living. Inspired by real photo, prepared based on lessons learned from Chocofur scenes.


Photo-scanned elements together with professional nature assets create realistic nature scenes.


Hard surface modelling is the most common method used for product visualization.


3D architecture visualization simply boosts property marketing by getting attention by clients.


Interior photo realistic rendering is huge time & cost saver.

Wooden construction

Detail of a modern construction made from curved BSH wood.
Inspired by a real photo.

Off-shore cabin Nr.3

Post-production feat. by VOKR. Set beside a lake this wooden cabin is accessible by a boat only. Quiet place for recharging batteries.

Wet stone

Autumn is always a great inspiration for natural scenes.

Stump on a meadow

Inspired by a photo from Cizkovy kameny area nearby Trutnov.

Aston Martin DB5

During mastering of car modelling I did relaxed with visualization setups of free accessible model.


Beetle trying to cross mossy vegetation.

Countryside kitchen

Simple but robust cottage kitchen. Inspired by picture from Pinterest.

Modern cubic style residence

Inspired by picture from Pinterest.

Traditional restaurant

Typical restaurant with timeless design. Inspired by picture from Pinterest.

Vacation house

Summer in countryside, out of hectic cities. Inspired by picture from Pinterest.

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